Brain Evolution System

How to Double Your Ability to Learn, Think Creatively, Solve ANY Problem, And Enjoy Limitless Energy – Just By Listening to Your CD Player!

A breakthrough “brainwave entrainment” system – that you can operate at home with nothing more than your CD player – “programs” your brain to think better, faster, and more creatively – based on proven neuro-science principles....

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Brain Evolution System Review

Want to know the facts. Here is a quick review of the brain evolution system. The five most commonly asked questions, and simple, straightforward answers.


What is the Brain Evolution System?

The Brain Evolution system is a 6 track brainwave entrainment program. Each 30 minute track helps to guide your brain into progressively deeper, more relaxed states of mind.


What are the Benefits?

The deeply relaxed, meditative states of mind that using the brain evolution system will produce, are associated with a range of psychological, physiological and emotional benefits. Daily sessions of sustained brain activity in the alpha frequency range have been shown to activate key genes responsible for the bodies repair, regeneration and immune responses.

Synchronisation between the brainwaves generated in the left and right hemispheres of the brain also improves communication between different regions within the brain, increasing the effectiveness of many cognitive functions .

In short daily 30 minute sessions, will leave you feeling like you are stronger and healthier, that you have more energy, an improved ability to focus and concentrate, and enhanced creativity and problem solving abilities.


Does the Brain Evolution System really work?

It is natural to be sceptical about a process or technology that you haven’t heard of before, or where you maybe don’t fully understand the science behind why it works. This is even more true when that process claims to be ‘The most powerful self-development technology on earth’, after all that’s quite a claim.

However there are over six decades of high quality research into brainwave entrainment to back up these claims.  Studies from psychological and neurological researchers have demonstrated; improved cognitive functioning, accelerated learning, treatment of behaviour disorders, reduced pain in chronic conditions, and the activation of genes responsible for repair, and regeneration. To read more about the details of these studies, please see BrainEv Research


How does the Brain Evolution System work?

Brainwave entrainment in general works by stimulating a ‘Frequency Following Response’ in a person’s brainwaves (the electrical activity going on in their brain). This causes the brainwave to synchronise with an external source., in this case the frequencies encoded into the specially designed audio tracks.

Particular frequencies of brainwave are associated with particular states of mind (relaxed, focused, agitated, asleep etc). So all you need to do to get yourself into a particular state of mind, is to guide your brainwaves to that frequency by listening to a track with it encoded into it.

The Brain Evolution System uses three different methods of brainwave entrainment.  These are the "3 points" which make up the exclusive 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process - the technology which powers the Brain Evolution System. This technology more closely matches your natural brainwaves (which are dynamic) that most single method systems like Binaural beats. This makes the entrainment process faster and more effective.


Is the Brain Evolution System worth the money?

Without a doubt, but I can hardly claim to be independent on this one, so I wouldn’t expect you to just take my word for it. Instead I will just point out two things to check out:

Firstly the system comes with a 7 month guarantee, this means you can try out the entire 6 track program at the recommended rate of 1 track per month, and if you aren’t happy with the benefits at the end still get a full refund.

Secondly a resource you might want to check out is the public online forum. See for yourself the experiences of thousands of real Brain Evolution System users. Real people, with real opinions, are the best, most honest, reliable source, more than any other review you can find online.