Brain Evolution System

How to Double Your Ability to Learn, Think Creatively, Solve ANY Problem, And Enjoy Limitless Energy – Just By Listening to Your CD Player!

A breakthrough “brainwave entrainment” system – that you can operate at home with nothing more than your CD player – “programs” your brain to think better, faster, and more creatively – based on proven neuro-science principles....

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How to Double Your Ability to Learn, Think Creatively, Solve ANY Problem, And Enjoy Limitless Energy - Just By Listening to Your CD Player!


Dear Friend,

In the early 1990s, a team of trained psychologists made an amazing discovery.

They found that sound waves – all by themselves -- could improve your brain’s ability to think, learn, create, and solve problems.

The researchers called this the “Mozart Effect” … because in their study, men and women who listened to a Mozart Sonata before taking an IQ test scored 8 to 9 points higher than men and women who hadn’t listened to the music.

The amazing conclusion: Simply listening to Mozart could actually improve IQ test results.

This is why today you hear about schools using Mozart to help kids learn math, and see “Mozart Effect” CDs being sold in catalogs to parents.

But here’s the really interesting part….

The Mozart Effect was purely accidental.

Mozart didn’t write his music to deliberately help people think better and more clearly.

The great 18th century composer had no clue that certain combinations of sounds stimulate different parts of the brain – sharpening information processing, altering mood, even improving cognition.

He was just trying to create great music. The fact that his sonata “jump started” the human brain’s ability to think was just a happy accident.


What if an elite team of scientists and audio production specialists deliberately set out to create sound recordings to achieve specific, measurable, actionable improvements in human thinking and mental function?

In fact, these experts have already discovered – after months of hard work and over a decade of extensive research -- the precise combination of sounds that can help you:

- DOUBLE your ability to learn – improving both your comprehension and retention of new material.

- BREEZE through complicated reading matter -- trade journals … reports … books … business magazines … and soak up the key information they contain like a sponge.

- RELIEVE tension-causing stress that makes you less effective at work … and replace it with a calm, rational, reasoned approach to problem solving.

- JUMP-START your creativity – so you can think “out of the box” -- and generate ideas that dazzle your friends, family, colleagues, even your boss.

- SOLVE PROBLEMS in a fraction of the time it normally takes you – with far greater success and accuracy.

- UNLOCK your ability to invent new products … create lucrative new businesses … exploit exciting new profit opportunities … and build new revenue streams.

- ENJOY limitless energy and motivation …feel energetic and enthusiastic at the right times ... enjoy a great night's sleep every night ... reduce your sleeping requirement.

- THINK like a GENIUS -- know what it feels like to experience the creative vision of a Pablo Picasso … the insights of an Einstein … the innovation of an Edison … the wisdom of a Winston Churchill.

The bad news is: you can’t achieve all of these specific results just by listening to Mozart or other classical music.

That’s because – despite the “Mozart Effect” – these sounds were not deliberately constructed to achieve specific, tangible results.

The good news is...


Groundbreaking Neurological Research Has Uncovered The Precise Sounds That Synchronize Your Brain's Natural Rhythms... For Peak, Powerful, Optimized Thinking!

The Winner's Edge . . .

Have you ever wondered what separates the clique of the world's elite from the rest of us?

How do the minds of Nobel prize winners envisage brilliant, life-changing ideas from thin air?

How do Olympic athletes discover the drive, fortitude and gumption to push their bodies to the peak of physical fitness, and shatter world records — as well as pre-conceived limitations of the human body?

Why do some people seemingly possess a "Midas touch," where every idea that sifts through their consciousness strikes it rich?

And why, for every millionaire, world-class athlete, genius laureate or member of the rich and famous, are there hundreds of other individuals left scratching their heads, wondering why their own luck... and lifestyle... is out of sync with the opportunities that seem to miraculously occur elsewhere?

Luck? Genetics? Inheritance?

We could put it down to plain, dumb luck.

Athletes that were blessedly formed with good genetics. Super-star business leaders who were gifted the right mentorship and financial windfall to skip the majority rung of the career ladder. Brilliant minds forged by supportive parents and high-ticket education reserved for the privileged few.

This thinking would no doubt make a whole lot of people feel better about themselves.

Yet, to paint this picture would forsake the many individuals who, through their own efforts and raw, gut determination, have beaten odds, smashed world-records, pioneered fields, dominated industries, and carved themselves a lifestyle magnetic to respect, authority, power, wealth and ultimately, happiness.

Clearly, there's another factor in play that supersedes "luck"...

Success In Mind:
The Brain Connection

If you could get a random sampling of the "successful and brilliant" in a room together, strap spongy nodes to their forehead and hook them up to an EEG machine (a scientific instrument for measuring electrical activity, particularly in the brain and body), I'd wager money on one thing...

After a while, you'd start to notice common patterns forming.

Successful people do things differently, period. They possess skills and traits that are beyond the grasp of regular people. Sometimes that grasp can be extended by things that happen in life which pushes a person further. Other times, people are just "hard wired" that way.

But more often than not, it takes a conscious decision to get out there and acquire those winning characteristics.

You've probably noticed it yourself.

Successful people "somehow"...

Tap into limitless energy and motivation – How would it change your life if you felt energized and "jazzed" most of the time? What if you could silence that negative voice in your head that detracts you from your main goals? Do you think that would be a powerful trait toward your success?

FEND OFF negativity, stress or tension in any form – It's no great mystery: Successful people are greater prey for negativity, outside criticism, bitter bystanders, and armchair critics. Jealousy is a powerful emotion. But what if you possessed an emotional "force field" toward this nonsense, and you remained strong and focused regardless what others said? Imagine you being unstoppable...

Stay focused, and get MORE done in less time – Imagine, just knowing what you needed to do and having the focus, clarity and dedication to just get out there and do it. Ambitions on the back burner start to come alive... business ideas take off... the right people suddenly appear at the right time. How would things change if you seemingly just "magically" attracted the people you need in your life?

Leap over obstacles and hurdles, easily – Nothing worth having is ever easy. Everyone faces problems. The difference is, how you handle those problems. Imagine if you never even see them as problems to begin with... if it's just easy, somehow, to envisage simple solutions to hurdles and enjoy the challenge. Successful people thrive on challenges... you could begin to experience the very same rush!

Naturally "click" with people – To get to the top, it takes good communication. World leaders get elected for their ability to communicate. Business visionaries have ideas that they make tangible by sharing their dreams with others. Pick up artists attract the opposite sex by noticing, and reacting, to subtle body language and saying the right things at the right time. What if you could easily and automatically just "click" with people, and gain instant rapport with your audience?

It's no mystery that these skills come from within. But people aren't born good leaders, or pioneering visionaries, or masters of industry.

Somewhere along the line, these skills are learned.

What if you could copy... ethically steal, if you will... the "thinking patterns" of this elite group?

What if you could ramp up your own intelligence levels... deal with stress easily... improve your relationships and rapport with people, and the outside world... and melt away problems by envisaging simple, easy solutions to any source of tension?

Does that sound exciting? Perhaps it's something you desperately desire in your own life?

Then, it's time to "change your mind"...


What Brain Evolution System Users Say...

I've played with various types of brainwave entrainment tools for years. Some of them have worked amazingly well for me. Some of them had no effect whatsoever. The Brain Evolution System was one of the few that worked amazingly well. I'd definitely recommend giving it a shot

Mark Joyner, #1 best-selling author of Simpleology

I've used brainwave generator programs in the past, but none compare with these brainwave CDs. Whatever you guys have done, let me tell you, I can feel the magic. I strap on the headphones and rise after each session feeling unstoppable. Great brainwave meditation tool. Talk about competitive edge!

 Frank Garon, host of the Frank Garon Seminars

I teach guys how to date online. Confidence is instrumental to their success with women. I avidly recommend the Brain Evolution System to my clients because of its success with improving self-confidence levels. It puts your mind in a state where it's easier to just ‘click’ with people, and in today's world, that's a skill I wouldn't want to be without.

“Dave M”, best-selling author, brainwave generator user

The first time I listened to brainwave CD #1 in the Brain Evolution System, it immediately placed me into a calmer, more peaceful, more contemplative mood. Its calming sounds immediately enabled me to take a step back from the frantic pace of my day, and concentrate more fully on the piece I was writing. As a result, I finished a column and handed it in to my publisher that very same day. I love this system!

“Robert W. Bly, #1 copywriter & best-selling author of 65+ books

I’m a truly massive fan of the Brain Evolution System. This is the one program that can really change your life, just by listening to a fantastically-relaxing CD, for just 30 minutes a day. I’ve worked in the self-development industry for over 12 years now – and this ranks as one of the best brainwave generator programs I’ve ever used. Excellent – Try it out!

Karl Moore, best-selling author of "The Secret Art of Self-Development"

I personally believe the Brain Evolution System is one of the most powerful self-development tools on earth. Think faster and sharper than ever before - just by listening to a simple audio CD for 30 minutes.
I urge you to try out this brainwave generator!

 David Riklan, founder of the Web's #1 self-development site

I noticed within the first few weeks of using the Brain Evolution System that I could manage my days on 5 hours sleep without feeling tired. The other major change I noticed was the feeling of not being afraid of taking risks. There was no feeling of being unsure or scared... I just felt absolute certainty and that is just priceless

Diane Corriette, founder of the Inspirational Guidance Life Coaching Club